As a long-time freelance reporter and producer for the BBC, I’ve spent the last twenty years (really!) honing my interviewing, producing and audio editing skills at the world’s most prestigious, rigorous and ethical broadcaster.

You can hear some of my BBC work here.

It’s sometimes said that freelancers are only as good as their last piece of work. So you can imagine that, with two decades of consistent work, I’ve only improved.  I’d love to share some of my experience with you! 

Here are some ways you might like to work with me:

Interview coaching:  Are you a podcaster who is struggling to connect with your guests? I can help. 

Running order development: Is your podcast just one big lump of audio without pizzazz? I can help you shape your show with a running order that will keep listeners engaged AND will give you creative ways to promote your show and services throughout the podcast. Running orders are the spine on which a good broadcast hangs. Make yours super-strong and consistent.

General journalistic skills: I can help you with researching, finding guests, crafting story ideas, remaining ethical and improving the standards of your podcast.

Audio editing: This takes a lot of practice. I can turn around audio for you quickly and efficiently if you don’t have time to edit yourself.  I’m also very experienced in “de-umming” interviews, for those with a vocal tic.

I understand you are most likely producing your podcast as a labor of love, so I’m keeping my coaching fees reasonable ($40-$100 an hour, depending on how much coaching versus actual producing help you’ll need.)  I’m very happy to have a 15-minute phone conversation for free to determine your specific goals and talk about how we can work together! Contact me on: with a subject: COACHING to arrange a free phone call.

Please note that audio editing is a different ball game and for this I do charge different fees, depending on complexity of your podcast and whether or not you are using music and sound effects.  I also have package deals if you want ongoing service.  Please email me at with the subject: EDITING to arrange a time to discuss this.

Thank you! I hope we can work together to make your podcast the best it can be.