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IMG_0690Before I went to drama school in my late-20’s, to train to be an actor,  I worked as a journalist, and I still freelance for the BBC.  So since these About Me pages are desperately painful to write, I thought maybe I’d interview myself.  Meta!

Tara: Thanks for sitting down with me Tara.

Tara: My pleasure.

Tara: First up, I wanted to ask you about this photo you put on your About Me page. It’s…how can I say this… not exactly air-brushed to perfection.  I was a little surprised because you work in an industry very conscious of image.  Why did you choose this photo of yourself with no-makeup and a weird look on your face?

Tara: Hah! Thanks for noticing and pointing that out…

Tara: I note a bit of a passive-aggressive tone.

Tara: no, no not at all…(clears throat) I guess I wanted to show a real photo. Nothing glossed over. Because that’s actually me there. I was at rehearsal for an improvised radio drama project I had created. I had also just lugged about 100 pounds of recording gear across town.

Tara: I see. So where would you like to start? Birth is the usual place.

Tara: Ok. I was born in Pennsylvania.  Scranton, to be exact. Yes, that is where the US version of The Office is set. So, I was born in the Slough Trading Estate of America.

Tara: ?

Tara: oh my gosh, people, go right now and watch every episode of Ricky Gervais’ original The Office. Please.

Tara: noted.

Tara: So anyway, after that…I spent part of my high school years in Brazil and part of university in Portugal.

Tara: Ah, so you speak Spanish, then.

Tara: hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Tara: yeah, I figured that’s what a lot of people say.

Tara: Yes, but I try to be kind. But yes I am fluent in PORTUGUESE. But I’m also very decent with Spanish.

Tara: But isn’t your family partly Ukrainian?

Tara: Half of my family is, yes. I see you’ve done your research!

Tara: I’m actually you, remember.

Tara: Well anyway, yes. And we grew up going to Ukrainian church, so I can give you a blessing in the language if you’d like.  But I’m also getting better at just speaking it normally too.

Tara: That’s great. And I guess you also speak two types of English?

Tara: Ha! yes. My natural accent is East Coast US, but because I have lived and studied in the UK for so long, I can handle RP.

Tara: And you live and work in both the US and UK now?

Tara:  Yes! Im a NY-Lon!  It sounds way more glamorous than it is. But it’s a lot of fun.

Tara: So what have I seen you in?

Tara: Ah, the standard response to “I’m an actor.”

Tara: Indeed.

Tara: Well, here are some highlights:  I was in Orange is the New Black--directed by Jodie Foster!

Tara: Wait, what?

Tara: yep! It was cool. I’m also in THE BLACKLIST, as a BBC Reporter! And my voice is in the first episode of Horace and Pete. That was a dream come true, to be directed by Louis C.K. I’d say some of the work I’m most proud of is in Docket 32357, a dramatic webseries.  Also, mentioned earlier, I’m on BBC Radio fairly regularly. I also have my own radio drama podcast called Geste, and a webseries called A Ladies’ Guide to Making Conversation More Interesting. I also have a few national commercials and loads of corporate videos circulating.

Tara: Sounds like you’re busy.

Tara: Well, you know, yes and no. In a way, as an actor, you never feel busy enough. There is always the next goal, the next booking, the next project that you are striving for.

Tara: So what is it?

Tara: What is what?

Tara: The next thing?

Tara: Ah, well, my vision for 2016 is booking at least 12 TV and film roles, at least 2 national commercials and a stage show. Also, I wrote a screenplay for a feature film and I’d love to start pre-production very soon.

Tara: That would make quite a year.

Tara: I believe so!

Tara: Is there anything else you’d like people to know? Anything I’ve missed?

Tara: My favorite drink is champagne.

Tara: That’s it?

Tara: Ok, here are a few more interesting bits:  I can impersonate Tommy Cooper. Really.  I am learning to play the anglo-concertina. I am indeed wearing a mini-harmonica in the aforementioned photo. Oh, and I once ran the Venice Marathon.

Tara: Over all those tiny bridges?

Tara: They don’t feel so tiny after 20 miles or so.

Tara: I’ll bet.  Well, lastly, where can people connect with you?

Tara:  Ahhhh…. social media…… I’m still not sure if it’s the best or worst thing to ever happen to humanity. So I’m not great at it. But I’d say Twitter is the best bet. I will look at that most days and reply to any mentions. I’m just at @taragadomski.  Wait, is that “at” redundant if you put the @ symbol?

Tara: I have no idea.

Tara: Alrighty then.

Tara: Well, thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

Tara: Hang on….aren’t you going to describe what I was wearing and what I ate during our interview and tell people how I effortlessly floated into the restaurant to meet you, just a few minutes late, but apologizing profusely, and how everyone’s heads turned when I came in, but that I was just so darn normal?

Tara: Tara, you wrote this at home, alone, in your old yoga pants, while binge-eating baby carrots .

Tara: yeah…..

Tara: Poor carrots never had a chance to grow up…

Tara: Hey! Now who’s the comedian? Right?


Tara: Oh, my gosh, please, for the love of all that is holy make this stop.

Tara: Done.

Tara: THE END!







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