Latest News

June 2017

I loved working with young artist Ah Yong Lee on her new art film project in London. It was all about trying to understand each other when we speak a different language.

May 2017

You many know me from such corporate videos as: Gender Bias Training Scene 1.a and Dental Student Training scenario 5.


Taking a little break this month and traveling in Colombia!  I’m loving seeing so much Botero!

March 2017

My short screenplay, Treadmill, has been accepted into “Conversations in America: Under the Gun” -an evening of curated short pieces about gun violence from the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition at SVA Theater on Monday evening, March 20. I hope to see you there!!

February 2017

I’ve been recording an exciting documentary for a new BBC World Service Radio series on artists. I can’t wait to share it with you.

January 2017

Happy New Year!  Let’s make this year peaceful.  I am keeping up with my writing and am finishing my second feature-length screenplay. My goal is to start submitting it to festivals and contests by March!

November and December 2016

Loads of auditions these months! Who says the industry slows down for the holidays?!  Good times!!

October 2016

I spent a lovely week in Detroit, shooting a very funny commercial. As soon as I can share it with you I promise I will!

September 2016

Working with Dallas Travers and her 42-day challenge–it’s challenging and exciting!

August 2016

I did a rehearsed reading of an excerpt of a fascinating new play by Xandra Clark.  We performed at Judson Church in Greenwich Village on their Wednesday night guest artist series. What a beautiful and supportive environment at Judson!

July 2016

Great month of short films—I shot lead roles in Late Night Cinema, in Philadelphia and Chicken Story in New Jersey! I’m sure these will be festival favorites, so I’ll let you know when they are screening!  Also, it was a month of many callbacks… successes in their own right!

May 2016

We started rehearsals for the short film Late Night Cinema, shooting in June. I have a lead role in this dark and enigmatic film.  I love the writing!!

April 2016

I have a supporting role in the feature film Hell’s Heart  directed by the brilliant Ryan Denmark. I’m excited to see the NY screening this month!

Training on the concertina is going well!  I’ll be adding it to my audition toolbox soon.

Submitted “Mother Mary” screenplay to several festivals.

March 2016

I booked and shot, in New York, a print ad for a “YUGE” drugstore in New York. It was to promote a British brand of cosmetics sold in the store.  Great news: I truly do use and really like both the store and the cosmetics, so it was a breeze to be their print model.

Season 2, Episode 1 of A Ladies Guide to Making Conversation More Interesting is released!  The title: Ladies Wear Trousers.

February 2016

You can hear me in the first episode of Louis C.K.’s Horace and Pete as the News Anchor.

We shot the next episode of A Ladies Guide to Making Conversation More Interesting. It will be released shortly!

I’m in a fun promo for Energenie. Check out my facial distortions!